Tuesday 31 March 2015

David Fine
David Fine
Director of Content

David has been at JCPR for 5 years, and in consumer PR for 15 years where he has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands.  He now runs the Content Consultancy to provide clients with innovative communication solutions in the age of the digitized and distracted consumer.  This new take on creativity and media collateral offers brands the opportunity to create genuine 360 degree engagement and social media resonance via content partnerships with a range of stellar production partners.  David manages the process from strategic and creative development through seeding and distribution to amplification and exploitation, ensuring the brand content is powerfully leveraged using digital and publicity experts to drive coverage, conversation and community.

The power of this approach was recently seen in the work for Wonderbra ‘The Science of Sexy’ by Dita Von Teese which delivered a no 1 most viewed entertainment film on YouTube and a sell out range. This content led campaign recently won an International Sabre Award for best Consumer Marketing Campaign 09 and is a finalist for the 09 UK PR Week Award.  Current campaigns include Shell Fuel Economy Challenge – teaching global markets how to save fuel via a series of webisodes, Alzheimer’s Awareness for Aricept, Haliborange ‘Shiny School’ for Seven Seas and a viral film to support a new launch for HP.

Before this, David’s expertise was strategically aligning consumer brands with the cultural zeitgeist.  Clients included Covent Garden, Xbox, Motorola, Sherry,  Pokerstars, Nestle Confectionary, Pepsi, Lynx, BT, Pizza Hut, Selfridges and Vodafone.