Friday 06 March 2015

Issues & Crisis Response

We offer clients round-the-clock support across the breadth of our global network of wholly owned offices and affiliates, both worldwide and in the UK. This spread is linked together by a virtual network of on-call crisis coordinators.

The practice is networked to ensure ready access to a range of experts who have wide knowledge and practical experience of the commercial, public, political, regulatory, legal, community and media challenges that arise and have to be managed when organisations and their management teams come under the glare of public scrutiny.

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  1. Issues & Crisis Response
  2. Readiness and Preparedness Planning
  3. Training, Testing and Validation

We stand ready to put together crisis teams, comprising the necessary mix of strategic counsel and hands-on support required to meet the needs of fast moving and volatile crisis situations. With our depth of industry and sector knowledge and specialist communications experience we have the ability to deploy crisis support and issue management capabilities across our network.