I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the award-winning spoken word poet Sophia Thakur for the first episode of our Edelman Editions Powered by GWEN series. She was incredibly candid and refreshingly honest as we covered topics ranging from where she draws her own strength and creativity, to her perspective on what it means to be female and an artist in the UK in 2021. From her views on social media as a platform for change and how she inspires younger generations to fall in love with the art of poetry to what more is needed to ensure equity for all genders and people around the world, and whether even she (a seasoned Glasto performer) gets nervous performing. Sophia left us with a special reading from her book "Somebody Give This Heart A Pen" captured below.

Do not apologise for what your mother and I have spent years wishing we could do

Freedom is a gift that has been given to you so come

From behind the shadow of your tongue

Just stand inside your mouth

To pull your voice from your toes up

And speak

You can listen to the full episode here: