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21 July 2017

A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

Careers, Health


Meet Nathan McGlone, Account Manager – Healthcare

Length at current job: 10 months

What does a day in the life of an Account Manager look like?

I would say that there isn’t a typical day at Edelman, but that’s what makes it so diverse and interesting. I get to work on a range of clients who have different needs which means that my role is varied and challenging – we don’t operate on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I’m constantly given opportunities to try new things which ultimately develop my skills and the client experience too. Working at Edelman definitely keeps me on my toes.

Which other teams do you work with in the business?

One of the excellent benefits of working at Edelman and in the Health Brands team is that I get the chance to work with so many other areas of the business such as Digital, Creative, Planning and Edelman Intelligence. Collaboration is actively encouraged at Edelman and is great for offering our clients a wide range of different approaches as one team.

How would you describe the office?

It is quite energetic and lively. You are encouraged to move around, whether that is to hot desk and sit next to someone new for a day or to work in one of the many collaboration areas – being able to change where you work can be really beneficial at times. The office is fast paced and full of conversation and engagement.

How would you describe the health brands team?

I think the team has a fantastic mix of experiences and skills which makes for a great blend when working as a team but also for our clients. We all have the same goal which is wanting to deliver the best work for our clients and will always work hard to achieve this. We all get along really well and it is a supportive environment. Even though it’s a big team, I feel like I know everyone individually which makes it feel really tight knit.

What makes Edelman stand out?

Edelman has a fantastic reputation for delivering great work not just in this century but in the last one. Having that reputation for excellence and constant evolution is a great marker to drive towards when working for the company today. It sets itself high standards for the work we deliver for clients and I am proud to be able to strive towards meeting those standards.

What skills are essential to successfully fulfill your role?

I think you need the ability to stay organised and be flexible as activities can move quite quickly. It is important to be able to work with different types of people and personalities be it clients, colleagues or wider stakeholders. You have to be constantly adaptable whilst looking at ways to provide a consistent positive attitude and service. I believe that anyone can come in from different agencies, or not even from an agency at all, and do really well at Edelman as long as they strive to deliver the best for their colleagues and clients.

What’s your favourite Edelman work perk?

There are many great perks and benefits here but the fact you are allowed your birthday off as a gift day is a big plus for me. It gives people another reason to look forward to their birthday even if I’m not the world’s biggest fan of getting older.

Finally, how do you see your career path developing in the future?

Edelman is a great place to learn and develop. In the 10 short months I’ve been here, I’ve learnt a lot, and been able to take part in training that has already developed my skillset. I am learning different things every day and being here is only going to improve my skills and my ability to deliver for clients. I am looking forward to what comes next for my time at Edelman.

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