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31 August 2016

A leap across the pond: from NYC to London

Written by: Ligia Vela, Assistant Account Executive at Edelman

Careers, Culture

I never thought I’d be walking past the Big Ben on my way to work. My journey to Big Ben, however, started in 2015 when I joined Edelman’s New York City office. I had recently graduated college and was truly excited to become part of a global communications network, joining some of the smartest 5,000+ professionals across six continents.

Within a few months I could see Edelman kept its word at being able to offer rich opportunities to continue to learn, grow and develop; opportunities which matched people’s aspirations. My everyday responsibilities immediately made me aware of Edelman’s strong collaborative work processes, leveraging the strength of its different offices as I was in daily contact with colleagues from across the network, mainly the London team.

When an opportunity came up in London, my team already knew of my desire to live and work in Europe, and before I knew it I was actively encouraged to take the challenge and go forth with applying to the open position. Because I already had strong ties with the London team and knew many of them through working on projects, it didn’t seem as daunting as it might have been. The transfer process was seamless.

Once the confirmation came through, I was packing up my NYC apartment and two weeks later I was the newest addition to the London team.

Upon my arrival I had to hit the ground running; find a new home, adjust to a new country and work culture. It was exciting to be able to put faces to the the people I had closely worked with from afar for some time. I was now working directly with the people who, until then, had been voices on conference calls.

And I haven’t forgotten my NYC colleagues; I still work collaboratively with them on projects, but this time as part of the London team.  I’ve also been able to help my London colleagues with insights on how to work with the NYC team.

I’m lucky to have been given the opportunity to work in two of the most cosmopolitan cities within the first year of my career. Who knows where I might be in two years’ time?

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