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22 October 2015

"probably the toughest event on the planet” - #Edelmudders

Written by: Louise Duflot, Assistant Research Executive at Edelman Berland

Consumer Trends & Insight, Culture, Employee Engagement

Earlier this summer, the London office again received an invitation to take on an event described as “probably the toughest event on the planet” – Tough Mudder. My colleagues and I, joined by teammates from across Edelman London, jumped at the chance to help line up a team of warriors. What were we getting ourselves into?!

Soon enough, the day was here and our motley crew of 20-strong Edelmudders assembled on a beautiful autumnal Sunday morning to take our pass at Jason Bourning the 12 mile, 28 obstacle course, during which, we learnt a lot about ourselves, our colleagues and the draw of the endurance event series itself.

Here are 11 things to report back from our team’s experience of Tough Mudder South London 2015:


To do it alone you would need to be a gymnast, gladiator or all-round ninja… but to do it as a team, anyone can do it.


Overcoming our fears and having fun were our only goals. While some of our speedier team members set off ahead at times, we all convened at some of the more challenging obstacles to help and motivate one another. While we may not have known each other at the start, by the end we were one big happy, muddy family.


Ultimately, it demonstrated that there is more to team building than a pint at the pub. You don’t really know your co-workers until you’ve caught them on the other side of a wall, fell on top of them in a pit of mud, or held hands running through 10,000 volts of electricity.


Great client work is easily combined with great fun and camaraderie. While we were having a go on course, our colleagues were hosting over a hundred journalists, and hosting film crews who were documenting the spectacle of the weekend. What can we say, these events make for great photos!


How did we all manage to survive? It’s about the team, not the time.


My team mates won’t give up on me, no matter how much extra mud-weight I carry after going through the Mud Mile 2.0.


Unsung heroes will haul you over Hero Walls, massive tree trunks and 3-metre Everest 2.0, whether they are in your team or not.


Different fitness backgrounds and different strengths are what you need in a team as obstacles fit people differently: the agile will fare well Electroshock Therapy and the petite will elude the barbed wire in the Kiss of Mud 2.0.


Discovering muscles I did not know I had hurts the most two days later.


Everyone can run 12 miles on rough terrain – that’s basically a half-marathon but tougher. A Tough Mudder is an event anyone can tackle, all you need is a little training and a lot of teamwork to get you through (and over, and under).


Retrospectively, Tough Mudder is just like any successful project; it is not something you can do on your own, it is all about collaboration. I think my teammates would all agree that not one of us could have completed the course without the help of others.

My colleagues and I are now planning our next Edelmudders team adventure. For a look at the photos from our day out – and from Edelmudders taking on events across the world! – check out #Edelmudders.

Edelman is the global agency of record for Tough Mudder, which our Edelmudders can contest as the “the toughest event on the planet.” All photos courtesy of Gameface Media for Tough Mudder.

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