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20 December 2016

The evolution of Paid Media – and three reasons it should be part of your content strategy

Written by: Andra Pintiliuc, Senior Media Manager at Edelman

Consumer Trends & Insight, Media

‘Every two days we create as much content as we did from the dawn of time up to 2003.’

While this quote from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is from 2010, it underscores the massive amount of digital content that users are exposed to. In this era of information overload and limited attention spans, how can we ensure the stories we tell make an impact?

This is a question that more and more brands are rightly asking and one that Edelman’s paid media specialists are hearing from our clients and colleagues every day.

And the answer? Use a strategic paid approach as a complement to Edelman’s heritage of storytelling expertise in earned media. This can act as a megaphone when you want your content to reach far and wide, or as a precision laser beam when you are targeting a niche subset of society. Or, in fact, both at the same time.

Here are three reasons why Paid is now an integral part of an effective content strategy:

  • It brings messages front and centre – as organic reach is on the decline, getting the right messages in front of the right audiences via paid targeting helps brands’ messages float to the top of relevant audiences’ newsfeeds.
  • It breathes new life into content – the lifespan of content continues to shrink, so applying paid spend to a historically successful piece of content at key touchpoints throughout the year can help brands authentically engage and be seasonally relevant.
  • It’s hyper-trackable – while traditional media performance is analysed by circulation of a publication, paid digital campaigns are engineered to allow for tracking of performance elements such as engagement, clicks, view times etc. to help benchmark success and plan future campaigns.

Paid strategies for distribution can’t overcome poor content quality. However, by leveraging techniques and technology formerly reserved for traditional advertising, brands can ensure they’re giving their stories the chance to travel, last and deliver authentic value.

In the words of Richard Edelman:

‘The convergence of paid, owned and earned media has blurred the distinction between each. You don’t need to design ads that look like editorial content. Great content is your ad.’

To find out more about how the Edelman Paid Media could help you make an impact in 2017, contact Cory Sealey or Andra Pintiliuc.

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