The challenge

For companies operating at the crossroads of healthcare and technology, there’s much to consider when it comes to public relations and communications, as the audiences they address form a complex ecosystem – from regulators to investors, to medical professionals and patients or the general public. 

Trust is a vital ingredient for gaining buy-in and funding. But trust is hard to maintain, with many parties becoming more sceptical. We know technology is an imperative agent in rolling out new solutions that will transform healthcare, yet 61% of people say the pace of change in technology is too fast

As the healthcare industry places increasing demand on a successful blend of science and technology to solve the hardest health challenges, healthtech companies need to gain credibility and build trust in order to scale.

And they need to do so through delivering evidence of  their efficacy, owning conversations around patient-centricity, data privacy, interoperability, regulation, and by showing they can navigate both different healthcare systems and diverse stakeholder motivations.  

Edelman’s Vision for Healthtech PR  

We believe that communicating clearly and consistently, articulating the science behind a product, demonstrating benefits to both medical professionals and patients, being candid about both opportunities and limitations, and showcasing the technology in action are part of the answer to this challenge. 

Our approach is simple. It’s rooted in the data. Industry and business insights empower stories and those stories – when told well – can help healthtech companies to communicate in a powerful way and create necessary stakeholder trust in the long term. 


Why should healthtech companies choose us for PR support?

Edelman doesn’t just talk about trust, we’ve led the discussion on it for the last two decades. We have a unique combination of global presence and experience, and agility as an independent family-owned communication marketing agency.  

As a result, we seek to be as innovative as you are. And whether you are a multinational company or fast-growing scale up, we bring together the right experts, from earned media specialists, planners, creatives, to social media strategists and writers, at the right time, to support you.  

Edelman’s heritage is in speaking the language of both our clients and their audiences, and our expertise within the health and technology sectors is industry leading.  

From launching the latest implantable hearing solutions across Europe, announcing the first AI-designed drug to enter human trials, to explaining the benefits of DNA sequencing, to showcasing ground-breaking digital approaches to cancer treatments, we communicate your narrative across your industry – and beyond.   

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