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Sinch is a Swedish cloud communications platform handling texting and voice calling for clients such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Google.

Several studies in recent years have investigated possible links between social media and smartphone use with poor mental health, including symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What if Sinch could demonstrate the power of their tech solution by taking a stab at online negativity?



We used something as simple as a text message - a solution anyone, anywhere in the world can use - and supercharged it with Sinch's proprietary tech.

And then we connected strangers all over the world.

Introducing the world's first texting switchboard, allowing anyone to send and receive a positive text from a stranger.

Launched in partnership with Mental Health America. Made to be social through autogenerated text artworks. Going out to the public through influencers and media exclusives. Growing organically with close to no media spend.



Creatives, creative technologists and Since internal tech team worked together to turn their existing text conversation bot to a switchboard. We created a new conversational user flow and a bespoke algorithm that turn plain texts into individual artworks available to share out on social channels. We then set up several country phone numbers so that the service would be cheap to use locally. A curation in place ensures that only positive messages are sent through.

Text for Humanity went live just before the most depressive day of the year, Blue Monday through media exclusives and influencers in several countries. It quickly started to grow with close to no media spend reaching far and wide across the globe. The service is still live and available to anyone who wants to make a stranger somewhere in the world feel just a little bit better.



  • In a time of hateful comments, false news and increased stress online, we showed that mobile communication can be a solution, and not only the problem.
  • +500,000 positive characters sent and received
  • +85,000 positive messages sent
  • +50,000 social media shares
  • Messages sent and received from 85 countries on all continents
  • +470M media reach
  • +300% increase of business inquiries to Sinch



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