IPsoft is the developer of Amelia, one of the world’s most advanced and human-like AI-based virtual assistants. To fully capitalise on their investment in AI, the company needed potential customers in areas such as online customer service to be more aware of their products. IPsoft engaged Edelman to help get the message out to their target audience that it was at the forefront of shaping the future human and machine work environment.

Because of their position as a leader in the development of artificial intelligence, IPsoft has a unique opportunity to claim a responsible thought leadership position on the future of AI.

Amid business reticence and media hostility — specifically regarding the jobs impact of AI growth — IPsoft had a positive story to tell.

Strategy & Execution

Edelman helped IPsoft move the conversation on from topics likely to provoke a defensive reaction, such as fears about AI making people redundant. We steered the media conversation to the idea of AI as an enabler, making humans happier — by relieving them of repetitive work — and making them more productive. To support this conversation, we commissioned academic research to imagine the organisation of the future. We told the IPsoft story through a collaborative journalism and content programme supported by an intensive media relations campaign.

Business Outcome

In one year, Edelman secured over 75 individual pieces of media coverage in the UK. These included 25 national and business press articles, and over 50 pieces of high quality coverage in trade publications. The earned-media reach gave this fast-growth, scale-up business a significant spike in awareness, supporting its new EMEA operations. The unique thought-leadership campaign equipped sales teams with compelling content to boost brand preference in the region.