From hosting the first ever zero gravity festival on an aeroplane to creating a hot air balloon electronic light orchestra, tequila flavoured beer brand Desperados is known for pushing the boundaries of wild experimentation in partying. Desperados tasked Edelman to share the story of their act, Deep House, the world’s deepest dance floor, earning over 1.2 million views across, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For LDA (legal drinking age) chargers, the standard night out at a club is a thing of the past. Today, they are looking for innovative party experiences, so that when they hit the dance floor, they can let themselves go and release the pressures of daily life.

But why be confined to the same flat space, the ‘dance floor’? With the right state of mind, the world is our dance floor, including the world’s deepest pool! You just have to find it.


Teaming up with iconic party producer Elrow and world-renowned DJs Peggy Gou and Artwork, Desperados created Deep House, an epic party in a 42-metre deep pool outside of Venice that holds a staggering 4.3 million litres of water. Deep House saw over 400 fans attend the multi-sensory experience, where lucky partygoers wore cutting-edge SeaTREK diving technology to find their underwater dance floor and hear the music in high definition.

Media and influencers immersed themselves in the underwater party world through a sub aqua sound system, and also took part in a creativity test that showed that distinctive experiences positively stimulate people’s minds.

Using Deep House as a testing ground, Dr Daniel Richardson, experimental psychologist at University College London, conducted a series of tests on partygoers before and after the underwater dance floor experience to measure their creativity and mood.


  • An additional 546M reach through broadcast titles including CNN, NBC and France24
  • 233M global editorial reach
  • 981% uplift in brand engagement 
  • 421K engagements with the #DesperadosDeepHouse hashtag
  • 420 event attendees including media and influencers from key European markets, including France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and UK