Disney Destinations International (DDI), who are responsible for the sale of Walt Disney World hotel and theme park tickets, wanted to drive UK-based booking and ticket sales for the park in Orlando. One of the key ways of doing this was through maximising the role social media plays in consumer communications and decision-making moments of the customer booking journey.


A lengthy and complex consumer journey demanded that DDI be present in a discreet and thoughtful manner at multiple touchpoints for the customer.

To best support DDI on this work, we undertook in-depth, digital analysis across multiple social channels for four types of content::

  1. Earned
  2. Paid
  3. Organic
  4. Influencers

Using cutting-edge analytical tools, including AI, alongside expert human analysis, we were able to identify what the most effective content and messaging was for DDI to help engage customers with at each stage of the booking journey. We have applied this approach for the past three years to help inform DDI's UK social communications strategy.


Our approach has created a continual stream of insight that informs strategic shifts and investment optimisation. When applied, these insights drive material business impact. Following recommendations from our work, paid social content drove more than 225K visits to the WDW UK booking site during 2018. Additionally, insights from our work have, and continue to be, fed to partner travel agents and customer service teams, providing a deeper boost to UK bookings and financial benefit to DDI and the wider Disney business.