Shell tasked Edelman to launch their new Shell fuel portfolio, including Shell V-Power, in a way that promoted their innovations in performance and efficiency. To do this authentically, we needed to change Shell’s approach to truly earn the trust and respect of drivers, by putting the driver first.

Today, consumers continuously strive for better performance by tracking everything they do: running, calories, sleep - even emotions.

But no one’s ever applied that concept to driving.

We realised that one sure way to stand out in the market, was to help Shell make a connection with the driver as a person rather than simply as an extension of the car.


We invited 3,500 drivers from 12 countries to track over 15,000 journeys. We captured over 1.6 million data points including over 300,000 biometric points, 400,000 bot responses and 500,000 GPS points showing the link between emotions, behaviour and driving performance.

With this data, we created content to surprise and delight Shell’s audience and generate strong earned media coverage around the product launches. Key discoveries included the role personality plays in driving performance — much bigger than the role of gender — the positive impact of comedy on the driving experience and the negative impact of cravings such as hunger.

The audience-first approach was a departure for Shell from traditional fuel stories and F1 fuel scientist interviews. The campaign engaged with “real people” and connected with their experience of driving.


The campaign ultimately drove a 14% sales uplift for Shell V-Power in the Netherlands and a 39% increase in food and beverage sales in Germany compared to the previous year.

Worldwide reach was over 362 million across 330 outlets. Earned social reach was more than 12.9 million. 74% of coverage was positive with the rest neutral. 54% included ‘Shell’ in the headline.