In November 2017 the Danish power generator DONG Energy changed their name to Ørsted and sold off the last of their oil and gas investments to concentrate on renewable energy. To capitalise on this shift, they needed to communicate the huge changes the company had undergone and what they meant for consumers, partners and investors. Ørsted tasked Edelman Intelligence (EI) with telling their story in a way that would position their new brand for success.

Consumer attitudes are shifting. As customers and as citizens, people want green energy. But we realised that no one had ever done a comprehensive global study that both quantified and explained this shift in opinion. Ørsted could be the first to undertake such a study. This allowed them to explain their transformation and frame the wider conversation around consumer attitudes towards green energy.


EI surveyed 2,000 people in thirteen markets, asking a range of questions about beliefs and attitudes to green energy.

They asked participants about their thoughts on the transition to renewables, climate change, whether their country was a leader in renewables and whether green energy was good for the economy.

EI helped Ørsted develop the raw data into a compelling analysis of the global public attitudes to green energy: The Green Energy Barometer. The stand-out finding was that 82% believe it’s important to move to 100% of energy coming from renewables. With this as a starting point, EI created detailed and segmented narratives for targeted audiences.


The campaign generated 20,000 visits to the Ørsted website and extensive coverage in over twenty countries. The barometer was one of the first pieces of content Ørsted has published. They've since been able to use it as the basis of a whole range of different media-outreach, influence and marketing activities.