Lego needed to drive preference and sales at peak gift giving times. But its research told them that consumers were overloaded with choice and that many —more than 25% — also found gift research online as stressful as a trip to the shops. Lego needed a way to make choosing a present less stressful and more fun. And that was the job they asked Edelman to do.

A chatbot was the obvious and ideal way to help customers navigate the overwhelming online choice in toys and make the right decision. But we quickly realised that Lego had a very specific personality, based around fun and learning, that the bot would need to reflect if it was to be both on-brand and engaging.


Edelman invented Ralph, an online chatbot incarnated as a lovable robot with heaps of personality and one purpose: to help shoppers find the perfect present, turning them into gift-giving champions! With a warm and inviting tone of voice, based on Lego movie characters, Ralph was specifically designed to make online shopping less stressful.

To support Ralph’s interactions with consumers, we recategorised all the LEGO sets, assigning them to the new personality- and interest-categories. This guaranteed that relevant suggestions would suit the customer’s price point, child’s age, interests and personalities. We also developed a custom API that provided real time, localised stock updates from


  • 8.4x conversion rate increase
  • 6x return on ad spend
  • A reach of over 2.69 million
  • 1.2 million post engagements, with an engagement rate of over 45%
  • Over 50 thousand conversations with potential new customers
  • 25% of all in-season online sales, with a 6x return on ad spend in some markets
  • 8.4x higher conversion rate and a 65% lower cost per purchase than other ad formats

And Lego was so pleased, Ralph is now a full-time member of the online sales team.