The insurance industry has barely changed in 100 years. Lack of innovation, a disconnect between what consumers want and what’s on offer, and a lack of transparency over how insurance claims are calculated, or claims approved has led to mistrust.

Fast growing UK insurtech start-up Wrisk is set up to change all that and are shifting their business from a B2C 5 star-rated insurance app to a customisable platform which will allow brands from multiple sectors to build frictionless, mobile-first insurance experiences for their customers.

They hired Edelman as their corporate communications partner to support their business through the transformation.


  • Work with Wrisk’s founding team to articulate the company’s mission for potential partners and investors
  • Raise awareness and visibility of Wrisk’s vision for enterprise,  starting with the automotive industry
  • Safeguard Wrisk’s core consumer-centric brand identity through the transformation

To face these objectives, we leveraged 3 key cultural trends:  the worsening mistrust towards insurance, increasing customer demand for mobile-centric, frictionless experiences and the decline of car ownership in a self-driving world.

We used these to position Wrisk as an invaluable partner for the automotive sector to improve customer adoption and retention and future proof their business.

 We focused our content and PR efforts on:

  • Differentiating Wrisk's innovative approach in the insurtech landscape
  • Communicating on their track record with renowned automotive and insurance brands
  • Bringing to life their vision for the future of insurance and mobility


We took the Wrisk team through Edelman’s proprietary Brand Messaging methodology, PRISM, and helped them to reconcile their short-term B2B ambitions with their long-term consumer focused aspirations.  

The Edelman planning team helped them define their mission as "Self-Determined Insurance: the new normal" and created a new, centralised company narrative, vision statement and boiler plate that reflected this mission and madeit relevant for B2B audiences.

Our team of media hounds then needed to take that mission to the world and convey their story clearly to the automotive industry to support B2B sales by leveraging the right media and creating content that reached the right people.

After developing a series of core corporate messaging materials, we supported Wrisk with a website overhaul which involved a redefinition of their B2B offering.

We then worked with the Wrisk marketing team to run a highly focused UK press office to position them as the partner of choice for the automotive industry to increase customer loyalty, conversion and understanding.

We also collaboratively wrote a whitepaper setting Wrisk's vision for car insurance in a new mobility world, developed compelling case studies for their work with Allianz and BMW MINI, held story mining sessions with their key experts and created a bank of story angles to take to business, start up, fintech, insurance and automotive target media.


Through a targeted 8 month campaign and a very close-knit partnership, we secured 80 articles in key media, leading to 428,000 online coverage views with a 326 million online readership.

We profiled individuals from Wrisk and focused on their mission through 15+ interviews, smart opinion pieces and several news releases about their partnerships with the RAC, BMW MINI and Allianz in core insurance and automotive trade press, including Insurance Post, Insurance Age, Insurance Times, Auto Future and Automotive World. 

We also raised the visibility of their success as a thriving insurtech business with top tier business and tech media such as City A.M, the Daily Express, New Statesman, Verdict, Information Age the #1 InsurTech podcast by 11:FS, amongst others.

Wrisk has been successfully positioned as the customer facing insurance platform that OEMs need, and have a vision to transform how insurance is sold by major global consumer brands.