Experts estimate that between 65% and 75% of college-aged people pre-drink heavily before going out, and 71% of Millennials believe their life is better when they moderate their drinking.

Most people know drinking water helps to moderate their alcohol intake, stay in control and avoid the effects of overdoing it. But during its own studies, Heineken noticed a number of barriers which prevent people from using water as a way to curb their drinking.

To make it a key part of a night of moderate drinking, Heineken needed to make it much easier and cooler for people to adopt and change their drinking habits.

Our challenge was to create an initiative for Enjoy Heineken Responsibly that was truly different, meaningful, but most importantly something that actually creates a behavioural change and ultimately to make drinking responsibly cool.

Talent Lab - a hothouse of innovation in the Amsterdam Heineken HQ attended by top young creative minds from all over the world. Their challenge was to come up with an idea that would appeal to the Millenial generation and inspire them to drink responsibly. In other words, they had to make moderation cool.


We asked people if they would have water if served this way 92% agreed. And 80% said it would help moderate their drinking? 80% agreed. So, that’s a night out that’s great fun and responsible. On us. The recyclable, re-usable cups will now roll out globally, at Heineken sponsored events and in bars and venues worldwide.