Our challenge was to establish a relevant POV for Amstel that allowed the brand to drive distinctiveness and create an emotional value connection with people, whilst also being truthful and fresh to get people to sit up and think differently about the Amstel's POV on the world.

The objective of the campaign was to drive fame and relevance for the brand through amplification of the TVC Bridges on Bridges and the earned concept Neighbours’ Week bringing both activities to life by showcasing the message that; coming together is more rewarding than being apart.

We are being prompted in almost all corners of our lives to express our individuality, to have a point of view and judge each other, rather than prioritising the value of being together. These divides are often not deliberate but just ‘the way things are’…

We all nurture our network of contacts online. Often overlooking those closest to us. We forget that we are happier when we invest in relationships with people who live in close proximity.

So, what if Amstel could bridge the spaces where we leave divisions behind and come together face-to-face with our neighbours without an agenda?



We created two spikes of activity to drive fame and connection associated to the brand, amplifying the brand message that coming together is more rewarding than being apart.

1. Bridges on Bridges: We drove fame around Amstel's latest TVC featuring Hollywood legend, Jeff Bridges, by hosting media at the shoot - they interviewed him and saw the filming process. BTS footage was created for wider media outreach.

2. Neighbour's Week: We created a national awareness week, entitled, Neighbour's Week -  Dutch architect, Denis Oudendijk created The Open Arms to launch the week - a pub designed using fences, the barriers that keep neighbours apart, so people could come together and connect over a bier.


- Bridges on Bridges: Achieved 257 pieces of coverage globally, with 197 pieces in national and consumer online, 5 national print and 1 broadcast.

- Neighbour's Week: Achieved 101 pieces of coverage globally, with 76 pieces in national, consumer online and social.

  • 875.6M potential reach  
  • 160K+ views of video assets
  • 98% of coverage Included +2 key messages included,
  • 430% average brand uplift.