The Real Play Coalition (RPC) is an umbrella group for organisations campaigning to promote the health and social benefits of active real-world play that doesn’t involve screens. Edelman’s client Unilever, a member of the RPC, commissioned us to help the coalition launch and to promote their vision and mission.

Play is in crisis. Screen time is replacing playtime. But the conversation around digital addiction is complex and confusing. And it really matters. Because it’s through real play that our children learn valuable life skills like negotiation and creative problem-solving. We needed to help the RPC get this vital message across to parents and educators.


The coalition needed a simple way to remind people of the importance of old-fashioned, tactile play in the development of a child’s critical and creative thinking. So, we tracked down the toy that inspired one of history’s most playful and brilliant minds: Albert Einstein.

The team painstakingly scanned all 160 individual blocks and made them available for free online as a 3D printing file. The project was presented to global leaders at Davos, during the 2017 World Economic Forum.


Using Davos as our platform, we reminded world leaders and a global audience of the importance of play to child development. Einstein’s Blocks, open to all, has become a real ‘3D printable’ symbol of what real play can achieve. The story was seen by over 300 million people worldwide, and we had campaign site engagement in 95 different countries.