Shell were looking at new and unique ways to tap into a wider audience group that transcends motoring and motorsports, as well as creating an activation that was appealing to its consumers.

Most Formula One circuits are arduous journeys for fans, so we wanted to remove this obstacle by bringing Shell House to the heart of Mexico City.

When we opened the door to Shell House, we wanted media, influencers and consumers to feel that we are opening the doors to our world of performance - providing them with an event like no other.

To do this, we aimed to create a series of activities across Wednesday through to Sunday, with each day highlighting a different facet of Shell’s world of performance, both from a global and local perspective.


We created a packed programme of activities, targeted at local and global media & influencers, to bring to life the benefits of Shell's Innovation Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari.

Activities at Shell House included:

  • A local street artist exhibiting their work at the launch, with Kimi Raikkonen unveiling it
  • An exercise programme hosted by Puma, to showcase engine performance
  • Virtual driving/gaming experience, with guidance from Marc Gene, to show what it takes to be fuel-efficient
  • Mixology walkthrough hosted by a Mixologist to make unique Shell inspired cocktails

We also partnered with Global Media outlets, and Motorsport Network to generate content that showcased the experiences of Shell House globally.


  • 200+ attendees including; lifestyle, motoring/trade media & influencers
  • 61 pieces of media coverage
  • 233 million campaign reach through media coverage
  • 200+ social media posts across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • 39 million reach across social media platforms
  • 8 broadcast & radio features, 50 online pieces & 3 print articles generated
  • Coverage was 97% positive in sentiment
  • 91% of guests would recommend or use Shell products after visiting Shell House
  • 95% of guests said Shell House changed their perception of Shell