ABB, a leading technology pioneer, has an ambition to become the leader for safe, smart and sustainable electrification. To support this objective, the business structure is shifting to be more agile and bring decision making closer to customers. Ultimately, empowering all employees to own challenges and be bold in delivering solutions.

As a global business, ABB needed an internal communications campaign with clout to change behaviours and empower employees to embrace this new entrepreneurial ethos – be they working on the factory floor, or in an office environment. Edelman's objective was to deliver this, and manage the roll-out.

Edelman supported ABB by digging deeper into this ethos to uncover the narrative for the campaign. Then, we developed the Take Charge campaign – nuanced and aligned to audiences, centered around three phases: Educating, Activating & Living.


Our first milestone moment was a global launch event to mobilise leaders and managers. It is at this event that most leaders and managers within the business were first introduced to the concept – given the criticality of these stakeholders to Take Charge, it was essential to educate them and secure buy-in. So that the event was a success, we developed an execution plan, created a high-impact video and additional communications assets to keep audiences engaged. 

We embarked on a global roll-out plan for the campaign across a multitude of touchpoints – starting with the ‘Educating’ phase. As part of this, we developed a series of assets including presentations, e-messages (e.g. emails, Yammer) and visual tools (e.g. videos, posters). In addition, we trained key stakeholders (leaders, managers and communications teams) on the campaign roll-out through a series of global webinars. 

As we came to the end of the Educating phase, our attention turned to activating. We conducted a story mining exercise to source stories of how individuals and teams are living Take Charge. Not only did this demonstrate the success of the first phase, but it yielded real life employee stories we are now embedding within the campaign itself.

With the Educating and Living phases almost over, Edelman London’s Employee Experience team now look to the Living phase.


Edelman has changed behaviours and empowered employees with Take Charge. From across the world, over 80 stories of how individuals and teams are living the ethos have been shared. Edelman’s launch video went viral on ABB’s internal communications platform, Yammer – with over 1,000 views. Collectively. Edelman’s assets for this campaign have been viewed nearly 10,000 views.