what3words assigns a three-word ‘address’ to a location. Three words gives it enough variables to address every point on the planet. For the small London start up to achieve their ambition of becoming a global geographic standard, they needed be seen as more than just an innovative app. They needed global investors and partners. For that to happen, people had to understand the true transformative potential of their platform.

More than 4 billion people globally do not have a postal address. This hampers their ability to participate in commerce, receive public services or even to vote. Inaccurate addressing holds back growth and development, prevents investment, restricts social mobility and costs economies billions.

Edelman helped what3words articulate the potential of its technology by selecting, shaping and sharing powerfully human stories. The narrative of how a simple, easy to communicate address can drive social transformation and drive business efficiency, helped articulate what3words’ purpose, engage investors and excite the media.

Working closely with what3words founder and CEO Chris Sheldrick we secured profiling and speaker opportunities, giving what3words a platform to share its simple solution to a pervasive, but hard to articulate problem. Through paid social campaigns what3words re-targeted the most influential of these stories, getting through to the decision makers that mattered most.

what3words’ heightened profile has helped the company extend its valuable work all over the world, particularly in the humanitarian aid and emergency services sector.
This includes working with the UN’s disaster-recovery programme, improving the WHO’s polio vaccination efforts in Somalia and co-ordinating disaster responses in Mexico and the Philippines.

Edelman thrust what3words into the global spotlight, grabbing the attention of an international business audience. The campaign resulted in a 450% increase in web traffic week-on-week to the what3words website, generated over 1000 sales leads, helped close out a funding round and sealed partnerships all over the world.