Domestos is a brand with significant challenges in the UK. It operates in a highly commoditised market where own labels sell for half the price and where penetration amongst 25-45 year olds is fast declining.

Since 2014, Domestos has activated globally around a platform of sanitation for all. It’s an ongoing partnership with UNICEF, with activity focusing on and around World Toilet Day in November.

Unfortunately, British Domestos consumers weren’t relating strongly to this initiative. Initiatives beyond shores, even if supporting families in developing markets, struggle to cut through and living in Western privilege, consumers struggle to identify with issues around sanitation.

Edelman was tasked with creating a long-term purpose initiative with real resonance for UK consumers that could build brand equity and stem decline.

We created ‘Use Our Loos’, a campaign programme that encourages businesses in UK communities to open up their toilets for public use, in exchange for brand reputation benefits, increased consumer footfall and provision of free Domestos cleaning products, monthly.


Our strategy was to launch the ‘Use Our Loos’ campaign initiative and reach the widest possible spectrum of the UK ‘general public’ via multiple touchpoints and earned conversation.

To find participating cafés, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs, we partnered with the Great British Public Toilet Map, a niche yet powerful digital project created by the Royal College of Arts. The map contains details of over 10,000 toilets open to the public yet was relatively unknown.

We put the map at the centre of the Domestos programme, revamping and sponsoring the map and making sure the public were aware of the resource via a comprehensive media and influencer relations programme.

We engaged influencers who were directly affected by the subject matter and asked them to spearhead the campaign for their community. We also built a partnership with the British Toilet Association and specifically Raymond Martin, the organisation’s Managing Director. He acted as our media spokesperson and lent his expertise to programme creation.

Our in-house creative design team created a visual identity for the programme, pulling together cool, clean Domestos branding with the campaign feel in a playful and instantly recognisable way.

The ‘Use Our Loos’ campaign launched with the headline-grabbing statistic that there has been a 39% decline in public toilets over the past two decades. Branding the Great British Public Toilet map drove Domestos brand awareness.

We also provided participating businesses with logo stickers to place in their windows so the public could easily identify friendly and welcoming establishments.


‘Use Our Loos’ generated mass awareness of Domestos’ Sustainable Living Purpose across the UK.

Results at a glance:

  • Estimated 770M reach (30x more coverage than target)
  • 426 pieces of coverage (our target KPI was 11-14 pieces)
  • 196 pieces in traditional print/online/broadcast media, 21 articles in national news outlets
  • 2 TV slots (BBC Breakfast and BBC’s The One Show), 54 radio interviews
  • +3K engagements on social media
  • The BBC was so inspired by the conversation that it created its own campaign, also calling for greater access to toilets for the British public.
  • The Great British Public Toilet Map received 30,000 visits immediately post launch, 30% of its usual annual traffic showed up in just two weeks.
  • 95% of those were new visitors to the site.