Drink driving is a societal issue that has been addressed by government bodies and brands, historically highlighting the harsh reality people can face as a result of their actions. With numerous initiatives that use scare tactics, Heineken® identified a blank space to encourage people through positive behaviour. In 2016, Heineken® launched When You Drive, Never Drink as a responsible-consumption platform for the F1 sponsorship.

To understand behaviours and habits of the campaign’s audience, drivers, Heineken® completed global research in 10 markets amongst 10,000 drivers. Heineken® discovered that 79% of people have good intentions before a night out, yet these fail as the evening unfolds, and 77% find at least one situation where it’s acceptable to drink and drive.

Based on the insight that behaviour change starts in the place of decision making, Heineken® designed a behavioural-change programme to support consumers at the precise moment of relevance, thereby impacting behaviour in real terms rather than conceptual messaging.


With the knowledge that drivers give in to social pressures at the bar, Heineken® created a behavioural-change programme to change the psychology of drink-drivers from the moment they enter the bar. Partnering with behaviour-change experts, Innovia Technology, we redesigned the existing bar environment with 20 interventions, reminders and prompts, to encourage people to stay alcohol-free when driving. 

The pilot programme provided the foundation to deliver a through-the-line narrative that demonstrated tangible results to a global stakeholder audience, Including a new hero film 'No Compromises' featuring F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg and a digital 'Designated Driver's Pledge' to help people publicly commit to staying alcohol-free when driving. This was the first-of-its-kind programme pioneered by an alcohol brand - not only did It raise awareness about the global phenomenon that is drink-driving but provided tangible tools to real people at key decision-making moments. 


Heineken®’s anti drink-driving message, communicated in a positive manner, reached everywhere from concept through design, creating real-world impact and huge up-take. The UK's success resulted in proof-of-concept for markets to roll out.

  • Prominent "nudges' deliver drink-driving reduction - Bars with the highest level of support for the pilot saw drink-driving reduction behaviour of up to 50%
  • 80% of people said the programme would encourage them to support their friends not to drink alcohol if driving
  • 60% of people said the pilot made them think about changing their behaviour
  • +700M potential reach
  • +479 articles
  • +90.6K engagements