Over the past few years, businesses and organisations have been taking steps to place diversity, equity and inclusion at the core of who they are. However, that alone is not enough to help dismantle a systemic issue which permeates all aspects of our society. There are still huge strides that need to be taken to better understand the issue of structural inequality within our society and this will play a significant role in driving forward a long-term shift in culture.

Key to this understanding is education. Knowing one’s history, and understanding the world around us, including the systemic inequities that exist is important to making sense of the present and changing the future.

Edelman is proud to be hosting a series of virtual academic-led seminars designed to help us discover and discuss hidden narratives about Black British history. All with the end goal of helping us understand the world around us a bit better and creating a more just society.

You can watch back any of the sessions below


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Session 1

An introduction to Black British History with Professor Hakim Adi

On Wednesday 18th November we kicked off our Hidden Narratives series with Professor Hakim Adi. Professor Hakim Adi's session was a great starting point in beginning to uncover and understand the rich history of Black people in Britain.

Watch the session here

Session 2

Black women & activism with Stella Dadzie

Stella Dadzie, author and founding member of The Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) joined us to talk about the contribution of Black women. In the session, Stella examined women’s resistance to the slave trade, based on her new book: A Kick in the Belly and looked at the lives of Black British women in more recent history, exploring both their personal and political struggles as well as highlighting the impact they have made on society.

Watch the session here

Session 3

Black Britain in the media with Dr Francesca Sobande

This session, with Dr Francesca Sobande, examined the way Black people have been portrayed in the media throughout history. It looked at the representation or misrepresentation of individuals and the significant impact this has on the communities. We also discussed the role the media can play in both addressing systemic racism.

Watch the session here

Session 4

Policing & Black Communities

This session will dig into the effects of the criminal justice system on Black communities in Britain, including the impact of racial profiling and over-policing.

Date: Early 2021