When I joined Edelman in September I had very little idea what to expect. I’m now almost five months in and, to be honest, that’s barely changed. Each day brings something different, and going into each department is like starting a new job all over again. Being able to rotate around the various sectors, from Corporate to Brand to Creative and many more, is one of the best bits about this scheme. So many companies will ask you to choose where you want to specialise before you even apply! Edelman’s not like that – they really want you to find your niche in your own time, so you’re given the time to make that choice after seeing how different areas of the business work for yourself. As everyone here keeps saying enviously, you’ll end up as one of the most well-connected people in the office.

I joined the scheme straight out of education, feeling a bit nervous about how I’d cope with my first proper job, having never worked in communications, marketing or PR before. I needn’t have worried –Edelman is the sort of place where you learn the best possible way – by doing. Working alongside professionals on major, sometimes Europe-wide projects, gives you an amazing insight into how communications works, and how to succeed in it. I’ve found that everyone here is willing to sit down with you, talk about their work, and pass on their experience and expertise. You feel genuinely valued and invested in.

This scheme has opened up so many opportunities. I’ve met with journalists writing for national papers, brainstormed creative ideas for some of the world’s biggest brands, and worked with social media influencers to promote our clients on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. One definite highlight was working on a project right from the initial approach from the client, preparing for and winning the pitch, and then implementing the strategy I’d helped to come up with. It’s hugely revealing watching these relationships between Edelman and their clients come into being, and seeing how everyone works so hard to keep that relationship strong and growing.

Another great element of this scheme is the social side of it. This year’s intake a tight-knit group. Although we’re mostly in different departments so aren’t usually working together, we often meet up for breaks, lunch, after-work drinks or weekend nights out. In October we walked 6km around London tied together as a part of an 11-legged-walk to raise money for Accounting for Africa – you can see more about it here. It’s very reassuring to have a group of people around you who are just as new as you are, and we do our best to support each other as we make our way through these early stages of our career..

It’s so crucial to stress that you’re treated as a full member of the team. Your work is your responsibility and the standards here are very high. You’ll be involved in everything the permanent team does, which is the best way to find out which department is the right one for you.

This scheme is a baptism of fire in some ways, but it’s is hugely rewarding, a brilliant first step in your future career, and the experience you gain is second to none. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and would wholeheartedly recommend applying.

Elliott joined Edelman’s entry-level scheme in September 2016. Previously the Edelman Graduate scheme, Edelman UK now offers Edelman Beta. Beta is a rotational programme for anyone aged 16+ looking to start a career in marketing and communications, with no academic requirements.

Edelman Beta is now closed for applications. Check back later in the year for information regarding the 2018 scheme.