With the last few results still coming in from across the country, a clear picture of what the vote means for each of the parties has emerged – and it’s a mixed one. Labour raised its share of the vote in London, and succeeded in taking Plymouth from the Tories, but expectations were riding so high that the failure to convert key targets like Wandsworth, Swindon, and Barnet make the overall result feel rather flat. Theresa May will feel emboldened by her party’s ability to hold on to a number of key marginals, even raising their share of the vote in some areas like Hillingdon. And the Lib Dems have had their best night in some time (albeit from a very low base), winning Richmond and South Cambridgeshire back from the Tories, and taking control of Three Rivers Council in Hertfordshire.

Read the Edelman team’s analysis of the implications of this vote below, featuring insight from Boris Johnson’s former political advisor Will Walden, Theresa May’s former press secretary Craig Woodhouse, and former advisor to Ed Miliband, James Morris: