What has your journey into Edelman looked like and how did you get into the communications industry?

I worked as a journalist for a few years and did bits of radio here and there when I used to live up north. Then I had the hairbrained idea of moving to the Big Smoke, switching industry and embracing a new challenge.

I used my transferrable skills, firstly in a traditional PR role, and then becoming a member of the editorial team. I now use my journalistic training in a comms environment.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I have lots of really proud moments, many of which centre around my days pitching to media for tech clients. It’s always a thrill to land the front page of a national newspaper or get a client on the telly, which I’ve done a number of times in my career. But I think I’m proudest of the work I’m doing around podcasts at Edelman.

A few years ago, I helped launch a tech podcast called Sideload, which has now had over 50 episodes. Not only has that enabled us to share our insights and those of our expert guests about technology, it’s also served as a test bed to help our clients use audio to tell their own stories.

What do you find most rewarding about the job?

I love getting under the skin of clients and uncovering the interesting stories among the flotsam and jetsam. I never really handed back my journalist card and I really enjoy sniffing around (with permission, obviously) to find an interesting angle that a client might not have found themselves. That part of what I do will never get old.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced throughout your time at Edelman? 

The biggest challenge I had was getting started because I came from a really small agency to join the biggest in the industry. It meant I had to apply the entrepreneurial mindset I honed in the few years prior to joining the company, while also learning new workflows, approaches and structures.

The initial worries I had about joining a big agency were unfounded though. The culture, particularly in the tech practice, helped me to settle in quickly and build relationships so I could focus on doing what I’m good at.

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by evolving, learning new things and becoming a well-rounded member of the team. I love seeing the creative work being done at Edelman and throughout the industry and that pushes me to stay at the top of my game too.

How can I help clients to tell interesting stories and do so in a fresh and different way? That’s what I always ask myself and that’s also what motivates me. I always want to get better.

If you could offer one piece advice to someone considering a role at Edelman, what would it be?

Prepare to go on a journey. We’re big advocates of curiosity at Edelman and that pushes us to evolve constantly. It’s a great asset to want to do things better and smarter.

I would always encourage people considering a role at Edelman to seek growth from day one, and growth might not always come in a linear fashion. Just be open to new opportunities that you might be able to uncover.

What do you do outside work to relax?

I love the great outdoors. You’ll often find me walking, running or cycling somewhere to explore and appreciate nature and get some fresh air. I found myself doing that a lot during lockdown and now I can’t stop!  

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