What has your journey into Edelman looked like and how did you get into the communications industry? 


I studied Public Relations and Communications at university while working part-time jobs in hospitality and a fashion magazine. I was trying to figure out which sector I would lean towards in the future. A few months after graduation, I decided that working at an agency would be the best choice to kick-start my career. 

I applied for the Open Scheme internship programme, which allowed me to experience various sectors, teams, and clients. After finishing the six-month programme, I secured a role in Edelman’s Corporate team where I have been working ever since. 


What achievement are you most proud of? 


Recently, I had the opportunity to support clients with a large-scale event, which included VIP guests from the government such as the prime minister and chancellor, top-tier media attendance, and our client's senior leaders. Preparing for the event took weeks of long hours and a lot of work, but being on-site during the event and seeing how successful it was made it all worth it. Especially after seeing the amount of coverage the event received and the gratitude of the clients. 


What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced throughout your time at Edelman? 


Public speaking and communicating verbally used to be a big issue for me due to my lack of confidence. As English is not my first language, I often found myself worrying about my accent and the possibility of not being understood or misinterpreted. However, after working at Edelman for some time, I have realised that my confidence has improved significantly and this is no longer a major challenge for me. 


How do you stay motivated? 


I find that having clear goals and plans for the future is extremely helpful in keeping myself motivated to achieve them. However, I believe my persistence and aversion to failure are the main driving forces behind my success. Additionally, whenever I feel overwhelmed or burned out, taking a walk in my local park for dog spotting and helps me recharge and feel refreshed. 


If you could offer one piece of advice to someone considering a role in the Corporate team at Edelman, what would it be? 


Find the best way for you to stay organised! It’s a very busy environment with plenty going on and it’s super easy to get lost sometimes so staying on top of your do-it list is crucial, plus it’s incredibly satisfying to see a ticked-off list by the end of the day.


What do you do outside work to relax? 


When I finally get some time to myself, I love to unwind by curling up with a good fantasy romance novel, whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen, hitting the gym for a good workout, or indulging in a marathon of Grey's Anatomy or Scandal.