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2 June 2016

Edelman Graduate Scheme - A Journey Like No Other

Careers, Life At Edelman

The Edelman Graduate scheme has been a journey like no other. Since joining Edelman in September, our grads have had a fast track introduction to communications marketing and worked with some of the world’s biggest and best brands. We spoke to them about their experiences on completing their scheme.

“The opportunity to be an Edelgrad was a no-brainer and in the months that have since passed I realise I had every reason to be ridiculously excited,” reflects Khyati, who is now a permanent team member with our technology specialists, “Rotating across each practice has provided us with unique access to the entire business – a privilege that not only makes toast more sociable every morning, but makes navigating the 600 strong London office a far easier task. Whether it’s a nitty gritty policy question, new biz insight or a scramble for last Monday’s FT – as a former grad, phone a friend is a very real phenomenon that I feel so lucky to have.”

“This wasn’t just an opportunity to build an Edelman network,” continues Aaron, who found health brands were the clients he was most excited by, “liaising with the media meant we were able to establish and build relationships with journalists at such an early stage in our career.”

As well as building a strong network across the business, the opportunity to rotate across different teams and work with colleagues across the business has offered the Edelman graduates inspiration from a surprising variety of sources.

“Discovering the contagious enthusiasm of each department has offered me a smorgasbord of interests, hobbies and skills to glean and seek inspiration from,” says Mia, who joined Edelman after living in Australia and studying in Paris. “One particular highlight was attending a talk by award-winning writer and economist Martin Ford on an imminent robot takeover. New experiences like this inspire ideas every single day at Edelman. I feel very grateful to be a part of that conversation.”

Ciaran agreed: “At Edelman, there is always an opportunity to explore your creativity. Whether contributing to brainstorms (no matter how left-field ideas seem), hearing thought-provoking insights from influencers and media, or attending talks in the office from top bloggers and platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. We’re always on the pulse of emerging ideas and technologies, it’s exciting to be in an environment where anything is possible.”

There is opportunity to seek guidance, as well as inspiration, from across the business during your time as an Edelgrad. Fiona joined the scheme straight out of university, and describes her first experience of working life: “The scheme has offered invaluable insight into so many aspects of the communications industry. I finish having learnt about artificial intelligence, Tuberculosis, lobbying, the power of social media, how to run a companywide fundraiser, handling the press, surviving Tough Mudder…  the list goes on and on. Most importantly, the scheme is made brilliant by the people who have taken the time to sit me down and involve me in some amazing projects, offering invaluable insights for me in my first step in my career.”

These first steps come with real responsibility, as Edelman graduates taken ownership of their work and are expected to deliver both independently as as part of a team. “My favourite part of the Edelman graduate scheme was being able to take ownership of a client-facing research project,” says Dom, our final graduate for 2016. “This was incredibly interesting and daunting in equal measure but it was an incredibly satisfying piece of work to complete. I’m happy to look back at the experience as a job well done!”

“From landing my first piece of coverage and facilitating top tier events, to a treasured one-day stint in the Mumbai office, every day has presented a new challenge,” finishes Khyati, “Put all of this together and you can see the Edelman Graduate scheme has produced some enthusiastic professionals ready to enter this forever changing, thriving industry at a company that is growing at a phenomenal pace.

“Last but certainly not least, no mention of the scheme would be complete without my incredible fellow grads – who have been a dream to get to know and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch to share the constant flux, flurry of nerves and on-going excitement with.”

Edelman Beta is now closed for applications. Check back later in the year for information regarding the 2018 scheme. 

Image: Dom, Mia, Aaron, Khyati, Ciaran and Fiona on their final day as Graduates.

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