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6 August 2015

Edelman UK Internship 2015: The Real World


Image: views from the Edelman London office

After finishing my first year of university, and with the long overdue realisation that I would soon have to live independently, with jobs, bills and early morning starts, I decided it was probably time to get a taste of the real world.

Back in June I was incredibly fortunate to be offered a two week internship in the Human Resources department at Edelman in London. Having had no prior experience working in HR, or working in such a world-renowned company for that matter, to say I was nervous arriving for inductions on my first Monday morning would be an understatement. However two weeks on, I can’t emphasise enough how welcomed I feel in the company, and how utterly grateful I am to have been given this opportunity.

Over my two weeks at Edelman, I worked on several projects including researching company training for the upcoming year, as well as the business communications for the ‘Get The World Moving‘ corporate challenge. I was given the independence to dive into each project I was tasked with, and never felt limited by what I was allowed to contribute. As a result, in just ten days the confidence I have in my own ability to successfully work both independently and as part of a team has increased dramatically; I can take this newfound confidence in my capabilities not only back with me to university, but with me in any future career and challenges that I have.

To observe how a real-life business not just operates but also thrives, as was clearly shown at the Summer Company Offsite last week, on a daily basis is an experience that no amount of lectures could have given me, and I am so lucky to have experienced it in an organization whose culture is as focused on their own people’s progress and success as Edelman’s is. Not only have I gained so much from just two weeks working for the company, Edelman has also cemented my excitement and passion at working in a business after university… and that I could even begin to look forward to those early morning starts!

Written by Aliona Cook, HR Intern 2015, Edelman

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