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15 April 2016

Nine months in and nothing stands still…

Written by: James Ruane, Managing Director, Shell at Edelman

Careers, Culture

Naturally, I’d heard a lot about Edelman before I joined nine months ago. It was, and still is, known for doing great work with some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the business. Personally, I’d always viewed it as being a bit different too: an agency that had a point of view on life that it wasn’t afraid to talk about, such as the Trust Barometer or the annual Crystal Ball event. And how many communications firms can actually go to Davos and have a voice?

But working here has really opened my eyes to just what an extraordinary company Edelman is. After spending five years as director of brand communications at BAE Systems and having worked in agencies before that, I can honestly say that this is a place unlike any of them.

For a start, it never, ever stands still, and a lot of that comes down to ambition. Plenty of businesses, especially in the marketing and communications sector, talk about doing things differently. Yet at Edelman, being brave and forward-thinking enough to solve a client’s problems by asking ‘what if we do it this way?’ seems to be in the DNA.

I remember hearing Richard Edelman talk about the convergence of marketing a few years ago and although I’d seen the seeds of that change in my previous job, Edelman’s evolved model of communications marketing gives it the foresight, network and brand strength to lead this transformation.  That gets me out of bed in the morning. Along with my early-rising three year old daughter, of course.

I’ve also been struck by the people. It sounds like a cliché but the quality and diversity of everyone here really is sky high – at all levels of the business. From brilliant account teams, to specialists such as planners, creatives and media experts. There’s an array of talent here that everyone at all levels can still learn from every day, and that, in essence, is what communications marketing is all about; drawing upon all available tools and specialisms to do the best possible job for the clients we serve.

It makes for an incredibly exciting place to work. And whilst we continue to develop the way we package and articulate the range of services we can now offer clients, the people and ambition we have in our ranks mean I’m confident there is very little we can’t achieve.

Besides, as I’ve quickly come to find out, if we don’t know how to do it, we’re sure to know someone who does.

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