Edelman today announced an industry leading policy aimed at supporting those experiencing the impact of the menopause.

The new policy aims to open up the conversation, attitudes and perceptions of the menopause, creating an inclusive and supporting working environment for those experiencing it. Symptoms manifest both physically and psychologically and are different for everyone. For a quarter of women, they are severely debilitating and can have a significant impact on a woman’s comfort and performance when working.

Under the new policy, Edelman UK & Ireland will offer an additional ten paid “time-out days” each year which can be used by anyone experiencing the menopause, or by anyone supporting someone going through the menopause. Furthermore, the firm will support any changes to working environments to make them more comfortable, and as part of Edelman’s Flexible Working Policy employees can make a permanent change to their working pattern to accommodate the impact of the wide range of symptoms that can be experienced.

This Menopause Policy builds on several initiatives and commitments made by Edelman. These include a Fertility Policy which offers a number of days each year to those, or to partners of those, going through fertility treatment, as well as a policy aimed at providing physical and emotional support to employees directly, or indirectly, affected by a miscarriage. Last year the firm enhanced its maternity, adoption and shared parental leave policies by making them gender neutral and offers five months’ leave at full pay to any new parent.

To bolster these policies, Edelman UK & Ireland is proud to be the first communications company to partner with Peppy, a specialist healthcare and wellbeing service. Available via a downloadable app, Peppy provides personalised 1:1 support, access to practitioners, specialised programmes, video consultations and advice and guidance for anyone experiencing directly or supporting someone experiencing menopausal symptoms, as well as providing a wide range of additional support services relating to fertility, perinatal and parenthood for all.

Ruth Warder, General Manager and Chief Client Officer, Edelman UK & Ireland said: “The menopause can present a challenging period in women’s lives. By creating this policy and encouraging openness around the topic we hope to change the status quo, we also know from experiences shared that having a robust support system and an open dialogue is something women going through the menopause need and want”.