Meet The Hosts

Jermaine Dallas

Jermaine co-founded Sideload in 2017. He helps brands tell their stories through audio and copywriting. He was a journalist once upon a time but now he’s seen the light!
When he’s not listening to and making podcasts, Jermaine spends his time with weird music, photography and food.
Favourite vintage technology: The Tamagotchi. It was an early warning of the fact that he’s rubbish at looking after animals.

Ben Franklin

After working in radio before joining Edelman, Ben joined the Sideload team on pretty much day one of his time in the tech team to keep those interview skills sharp.
Outside of Sideload, Ben’s into running, musical theatre, gaming, and a long walk to a good countryside pub.
Favourite vintage technology: At 9 years old, Ben inherited a Casio SF-5580 PDA. with 128Kb memory and dot matrix screen, Ben was convinced that possessing such cutting edge gadgetry made him a secret agent.

Sarah Clarbour

Sarah has been part of the Sideload team since 2018 and is a member of Edelman's Technology team.
Outside of the office, when she's not catching up on an arguably excessive number of podcasts, she can be found exploring the latest food markets or wandering around Hampstead Heath.
Favourite vintage technology: Her Sony Portable Walkman CD Player paired with the inimitable Now That’s What I Call Music 44. Endless entertainment for long car journeys.

Olivia Thomas

Olivia joined the Sideload team back in 2017 as an Edelman newbie. Besides recording podcasts, the rest of her time at Edelman is spent copywriting for consumer brands as part of the Editorial team.
If she isn’t at work, she’s probably lost in a book, running around her local park or wandering around Columbia Road Flower Market looking for more houseplants to add to her ever-expanding indoor jungle.
Favourite vintage technology: Gameboy Advance. Many long summer holidays were spent trying to catch ‘em all playing Pokémon. She likes to think she was the original Mother of Dragons with her trusty Charizard.

Latest Episodes

Sideload #50 - The future of pet care

Our pets are more than just animals, they're members of the family. As such, we want to give them the very best. Data and analytics are now transforming the way we look after Rex and Fido. We speak to Matt Keylock from Mars Petcare to find out more. 

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Sideload #49 - Will tech cure the healthcare imbalance?

We will all need healthcare services at some point in our lives but it's not always as open and available to everyone when they need it the most. Can tech change that by democratising the industry and opening the doors to more services and information than ever? We ask Rune Bech from Liva Healthcare.

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Sideload #48: Diversity in Tech

It’s so important for tech businesses to address diversity and inclusion – both internally and in the messages they put out into the world. We chat to Edelman’s own Sat Dayal and Zareen Siddiqui about diversity in tech, creative campaigns, and how businesses can improve to make workplaces more authentically, inclusively diverse.  


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Sideload #47: Esports - Virtual worlds and big business

Esports commands gigantic audiences of games fans from all over the world. It's no surprise then that major brands are taking notice and getting a piece of the action in partner and sponsorship deals. This time on Sideload, we speak to our very own Adam Jenkins from Assembly about the growth of the industry and future prospects for esports. 




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Why Sideload?

The meaning of ‘sideload’ is twofold. Where many take a vertical look at the technology sector in isolation, Sideload casts a broader, horizontal gaze at the wider implications tech has on industry and society. And true to the dictionary definition of the term, Sideload will transfer information to its audience, in a way that will continue the conversation.

Our tech specialists here at Edelman UK are passionate about the effects of technology in everyday life and business. And at a time when more businesses than ever are declaring themselves to be tech companies, we’re always keen to look at the bigger picture of a tech led future – and indeed, present.

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