Increasing circularity is vital to sustainability.

Our client IKEA makes durable furniture at affordable prices and is also deeply focussed on sustainability. It wants to become a circular company by 2030.

IKEA was looking for a sustainability campaign that would make a ‘statement’ about sustainability and promote its credentials in that space.


  • Help position IKEA as a leader in sustainability, recognised for its action and commitment
  • Inspire and enable people to live more sustainably
  • Inspire and lead transformational change in the business community

Edelman knows that consumers want to see brands take real action.

So, to demonstrate IKEA’s values and help it move the needle on its circularity ambition, we helped our client to do something radical, on an unprecedented global scale...

IKEA started buying customer’s unwanted furniture back.


In 20 countries all over the world, from Black Friday onwards, IKEA customers could return their unwanted furniture to stores, in exchange for up to 50% of its original value.

The second-hand furniture was then fixed up, displayed in-store and sold on to other customers at reduced prices. Any unsold furniture could be donated to charity or recycled, ensuring that nothing went into landfill.

IKEA adopted this game-changing approach, using Black Friday as a launch date for maximum attention.

An online film and TVC ad made the idea public and highly sharable. This then went out on owned platforms, social and to journalists and media outlets with the full press release.

Social media posts, print and outdoor pushed visibility of the initiative further.


  • 3BN+ impressions
  • More than 47 000 items resold
  • 5,800+ total mentions
  • 66K+ total engagements (likes, comments, shares)
  • 1,546+ news articles have mentioned the campaign
  • 37+ countries have shared the news to date