The evolution of global trade

DP World

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Welcoming the world into the evolution of global trade

The Challenge

DP World put Dubai on the map as a gateway for world trade. Now they’re branching out, transforming the centuries-old story of moving goods around the globe – from the cutting-edge technology they’re inventing to keep cargo flowing to the life-changing impact their work is having on communities worldwide. 

Our role in this next leg of DP World’s journey is to ensure their story flows far and wide, positioning them as more than just an end-to-end logistics provider through industry-first creative campaigns, thought leadership and much, much more.

The Strategy

Cargo volumes are on the rise – and DP World is growing fast to keep pace with demand. To keep momentum with their exponential growth and ‘sky’s the limit’ mentality, we find engaging yet simple ways for businesses to understand, communicate, and collaborate with DP World as they carve their path into the future trading landscape.

Importantly, we also look beyond businesses and connect with consumers so that everyone better understands how trade – and DP World – impacts humanity and the world around us.

The Execution

Researching DP World’s audiences, interviewing their experts, and uncovering the stories within their business is how we learn about the scale and diversity of the work they do. 

To dig further and amplify our discoveries, we created a dedicated DP World Content Engine: a hub comprising ex-journalists, creatives and digital experts. With them and an ever-growing account team, we are evolving into an elite media and communications asset for DP World, providing them with the creative possibilities they never had before.

So, what have we achieved so far? We put DP World at the heart of future thinking at Expo 2020 Dubai, sharing their work with world leaders, NGOs and millions of visitors. We are championing their sustainability and technology credentials with a shipping container that collects unwanted golf balls throughout the DP World Tour, saving them from waste and gifting them to grassroots golf organisations. 

We’re even launching DP World into the Metaverse – and this is only the beginning of what we have planned. This business marketing project was a small but highly successful part of our recent work.

Business Outcome

  • The ‘port-centric logistics’ campaign drove a higher download and form completion rate of 9.42% against a LinkedIn average of 7.41%.
  • It generated 175 new leads, which converted into new revenue of over $10m per year for the business.


form completion rate


new leads


new revenue per year