Halo Master Piece



In anticipation of Xbox’s newest launch of its Halo Infinite game, we developed a strategy that brought to life the masterful art of the game and create the most successful launch in the franchise’s 20-year history.


After a subsequent delay to launch, Xbox needed a statement of arrival to show off the beauty, rich storytelling, and stunning visuals of its new game, Halo Infinite.


We knew Halo Infinite was a masterpiece and worth the wait. What better place to display a work of art than the world’s finest museums?

Together with acclaimed artist Iva Troj, we created a 6x3 metre renaissance style oil on canvas painting filed with hidden references about the new game and Halo culture for fans to discover.

Fittingly, Halo’s masterpiece was displayed at Saatchi Gallery in London and in The Louvre in Paris, and launched alongside a dramatic film, shot in one take, of the epic painting accompanied by a live choir singing the Halo theme song.


We used the film to reach the target audience of seasoned gamers across earned and owned channels. By placing gaming in high culture – something gamers would appreciate – we won back admiration and respect from lapsed fans.

After the exhibit, the artwork was cut into 210 unique pieces signed by the artist and given away as one-of-a-kind prizes. The center of the piece, featuring Master Chief, was auctioned in partnership with the charity SpecialEffect, going for over $10,000.

Finally, the painting was made available for download as background to gamers' Xbox profiles.


The campaign resulted in the biggest ever launch for a Halo game in the franchise’s history, with more than 20M players.

  • The launch film earned over a million views in less than 12 hours
  • Over 520M were reached through press coverage



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