Everyone feels frazzled at one time or another. It can be overwhelming. Unlike physical illness, it can be hard to spot, difficult to articulate without fear of judgement, and can leave many people feeling isolated. Ruby Wax wanted to help change that.

She has spent the better part of a decade sharing her personal struggles with mental illness, and realised that people need a place where they can find acceptance and support to talk about the issues they face.


Borrowing from the Alcoholics Anonymous model, Ruby created the Frazzled Cafe, a regular, facilitated, judgment-free discussion and support group across accessible venues.
Edelman’s starting point was to create a brand that would convey relevance, openness and understanding and bring to life the promise of normalising conversations around mental health and connecting people over their stories, lives and shared humanity.
Working with Ruby and her team, we created a brand identity and narrative to launch Frazzled Cafes to the world. We developed a visual identity and branding guidelines and were responsible for everything from photoshoots to logo design to web layout.

Our PR teams worked with Ruby’s publicist and publisher to synchronise the Frazzled Cafe launch with the launch of Ruby’s paperback, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled.


Frazzled Cafe became an officially registered charity earlier this year and has secured corporate funding for twelve months, enabling it to fully operationalise and scale.
Frazzled Cafe meetings are currently running in London (Marble Arch, Victoria & Stratford), Brighton, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich and Stoke, with a further pipeline planned to expand fully across the UK from Jan 2018.
At just under 10,000 members, the mailing list for Frazzled Cafe continues to grow daily.
Feeling frazzled isn’t going to go away, but normalising the conversation is a start.