We caught up with Donika Rexhepi, Account Executive, Corporate Affairs, as she reflects on her time on the Edelman Open scheme.

Why did you join the Edelman Open scheme?

The application process was nothing like any others that I have ever been a part of - it was simple, creative and it didn’t involve my CV or a personal boring letter about myself.

What does a typical day in your role look like?

Typical days don’t exist! The day pretty much depends on the account/client urgencies and what work needs to be done for the day/week. However, in most days I'm drafting various content for internal comms, managing client emails, drafting posts for social content and much more.

What’s been your favourite project/campaign to work on?

This is tough. I will go based on some of the more recent work. So, I specialise in Employee Experience which is pretty much all internal comms and recently we helped put together a dynamic two-day virtual event for the top 200 leaders across the business for a client.

What advice would you give to others applying to the Edelman Open scheme?

Do it! Be ready to put yourself forward and don’t hold back. Edelman is an open book and what you make of your experience here is totally up to you - so make it count!

How do you see your career path developing? 

Edelman is a great place to do just that – develop your career and I feel I am on the right track. The important thing is I am constantly learning and exposing myself to opportunities to help me achieve my success.

Donika joined the Edelman Open scheme in 2019.

Applications for Edelman Open 2022 are now closed.