What has your journey into Edelman looked like and how did you get into the communications industry?

My journey into Edelman was quite unconventional. After a number of very formative internship experiences in public policy – and one LSE Master’s in European Public Policy later – I was sure my path would bring me to Bruxelles. But as I saw my colleagues applying for positions in the EU’s different legislative and executive institutions, I realised that, while it may have been an interest of mine, it just wasn’t my passion.

My passion lay, and still lies, in the power of communications and how it shapes people’s perceptions. I graduated when the pandemic hit, and while I had unsuccessfully applied to Edelman back in 2020, I finally received the call back in 2022 and the rest is history.

What achievement are you most proud of?

My most proud achievement has, hands down, been a six-month secondment to a very important Edelman client. During this time, I stepped in to cover the European Director of Social and Digital Communications while on maternity leave. It was a humbling moment for me, as I felt that my dedication and hard work were being rewarded so early in my career. I have learned so much straddling both client and agency sides and grown from the setbacks and challenges. I could’ve never have done it without the daily support from my incredible Edelman colleagues, whom I constantly lean on and who are always on hand to mentor me.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced throughout your time at Edelman?

I think working in Corporate Communications means you often work against time. Edelman’s clients are vast and diverse, and they are needle-movers in their respective industries. So, the work we do matters. And at times it can feel like a real pressure-cooker to deliver great work that ensures everyone’s happy.

How do you stay motivated?

It might sound a little cliché but thinking that I’m building something for myself is how I stay motivated. I’ve always had a 5, 10, and 15-year plan and I’m confident in knowing that despite being challenged, facing a setback, or failing, it will all amount to building something.

If you could offer one piece advice to someone considering a role in the Corporate team at Edelman, what would it be?

I would probably suggest staying informed, ahead of the game, and creative. These are all qualities that I see in the Corporate team and that make our work stand out when delivering to a client. These are all qualities that make for an agile problem solver, which is ultimately what makes a consultant stand out when working against the ever-changing background of corporate communications.

What do you do outside work to relax?

Outside of work you’ll probably find me either lifting my bodyweight in dumbbells at the gym or taking a long bubble bath with a glass of red wine and a good book – there’s no in-between. 

Maria Julia Pieraccioni is a Senior Account Executive in the Corporate Affairs team.