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23 June 2015

Marketing To The Mobile Elite: Let's Get Personal

Written by: Stephanie Illy, Assistant Account Executive at Edelman

Consumer Trends & Insight, Innovation, Media

Last month, I attended a content marketing conference hosted by Adobe, one of our clients here at Edelman.

The purpose of the conference was to introduce a new consumer segment known as the Mobile Elite.

According to Adobe, they are: adapters; immersers; and perpetuals. Or put more simply, they are the growing number of consumers connected through many different apps on many different devices. This has caused a struggle to provide sufficient marketing investment and involvement in response to the ever-growing online traffic; which in itself has become harder to measure and manipulate.

Adobe very humorously explains this struggle through their marketing cloud advertisement (take a look if you haven’t seen it already). The video identifies the challenge of keeping up with the exponential growth of online traffic that consists of these demanding consumers versus the misinterpreted methods marketers use to measure online results.

On the bright side, if done correctly, marketers can use this heavy traffic and the tech-savviness of consumers to their benefit.

Or as Adobe argues: ‘we have to get personal’

That means producing content that is engaging, relevant, timely and personalised to different viewers.

Nothing too unexpected there then, but what’s really got our industry scratching its head at the moment, is how to get consumers to interact freely with marketing content without making them feel harassed or annoyed by incessant, targeted advertising.

I mean, I ‘win’ $1mn every day and how many of us don’t count down the seconds until the ‘skip ad’ button appears on a YouTube video? What’s more, every time we see the same five seconds of the same ad, we get angrier. We don’t want to wait and besides, maybe we really can’t have that delicious-looking dessert because we’re lactose intolerant and on a diet anyway!

And that brings us back to Adobe’s original point: the importance of tailoring your message so people: a) care about it; and b) find it relevant at that particular point in time. That might mean using their location or purchase history. It could even involve making content more interactive by turning it into a game or quiz. Whatever the method, the critical thing is that it has to work in the here and now.

As I left the convention, it was this growing need for brands to get smarter about getting personal that really stayed with me. It may be challenging and more costly than a traditional blanket approach, but the potential rewards are undoubtedly a price worth paying.

Here are some examples of personalization that resonates with their target consumer below:

Me & City: Fashion Street View

Expedia: YouTube interventions

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