Mattias Ronge - COO, Edelman UK

Mattias Ronge

Mattias Ronge is the Chief Creative Officer of Edelman UK. He has over 20 years of marketing and PR experience and has led the creative work on award winning campaigns for clients including ASICS, Taco Bell, Absolut Vodka, Adidas and Unicef. 

Mattias started his career working for a Norweigan PR agency and went on to launch two independent agencies in his homeland of Sweden; both PR-type agencies with an innovative creative mindset. Mattias then became one of three founders of a new agency, Deportivo, which soon became one of Sweden’s most prominent ad-agencies, but crucially with this PR-agency, earned-media mentality at heart. 

Deportivo was awarded ‘International small agency of the year’ by Adage 2014 and acquired by Edelman the same year. In 2017, Edelman Deportivo made it on to the Ad age A-list as ‘Creativity Innovator Standout’ and the same year was named by Contagious as ‘The bravest agency on the planet’.

Mattias is now focussed on growing Edelman’s creative footprint across the UK. He heads up a large creative team who are charged with putting earned thinking at the heart of all their work, and who have already won awards for a variety of notable campaigns, including ASICS, ‘Blackout Track’.